02 June 2012

my prince and his castle.

After a crazy morning and lunch at River City Eatery, it was time to pick up my now 2 year old son, Henrik from day care.  We usually then go back to the Eatery to have supper together.  Since the weather has been nice, Henrik enjoys sitting at the tables outside in the front to watch the cars go by while he eats. As he was eating his peanut butter sandwich and chips, his little pudgy pointer finger turned toward the Courthouse and he said with a sticky peanut butter grin, "Let's go to the castle, mama."  I couldn't have been more delighted by the invitation.  I've never been invited to a castle before.  He grabbed the 3 chips he had left on his plate and said, "I want to bring my chips with too." "Okay, let's go," I said. We crossed the street together and ran towards the steps after reaching the green.  "I wanna go to the steps," he screams and points again with 2 year old energy while trying to keep his 3 chips safe.  We reached the stairs and sat down.  "Take a picture, mama." He layed his chips down on the cement, sat up and faced me making a little camera with his little fingers. "Cheese, mama, cheese." He took at least 4 or 5 pictures of his mama sitting on the steps of the courthouse, I mean, castle.  Then he sat next to me again.  We watched the cars go by, walkers pass, and pointed out the birds in the sky.  It couldn't have been a better place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.  "Okay," I said, "Mama has to get back to the Eatery to work for a little bit before we go home." "No, let's just stay here mom." Yup, I think that's a great idea, Henrik, let's just stay here, for a long, long time.