09 April 2015

"bin" doing some work.

It's no secret my posts have become few and far between, but I assure you, Finding Windom hasn't stopped working to improve our community with our ideas and most importantly our hands.  I can't tell you enough how good it feels to be a part of something so amazing.  I have to say there are many minds and hands at work here, and they should be recognized for being such positive, active members of our community.  Finding Windom is currently working on a number of projects right now (stayed tuned), but here is an update of the latest project Finding Windom has completed written by a Finding Windom member (THANK YOU TO EVERYONE INVOLVED!!!):
"Finding Windom and the new Riverfest Fireworks aluminum can bin

Sometime during the Summer of 2014 at a Finding Windom meeting, the group was working on a list of projects to make Windom a cleaner and more attractive place to live and work.  Along with the Adopt-A-Highway and a variety of other projects, someone suggested the aluminum can collection bin that is used to generate  funds for Fireworks for RiverFest was not in the best of shape and should be replaced.

Dave Vaupel and Howie Davis offered to head up that project.  With input and information from Buckwheat Johnson, the first step was to locate a replacement corn crib that some farmer would donate.  The request went out on Swap Line KDOM and within a day or two we had offers of 4 or 5 bins that were ours for the taking.  After taking a look at all the choices we decided to accept a bin,  located near String Lakes and owned by Jerry Haberman.

 The choice was made on the basis of several factors:  How sturdy it appeared; How far from Windom it was; How accessible was the bin to being loaded on a trailer; How tall the bin was (because of low hanging wires over roads that would have to be traveled).

The bin from Mr. Haberman fit our needs best in every major area.  It was in good shape, the bottom ring of 3 could be removed and have a 12 foot high bin with a sound roof.  We could get to the bin with a trailer so it was fairly easy to load, and very, very important there was only one wire across the path that might give a 15 foot bin (including roof) on a 22 inch high trailer trouble.  The only problem at the time was that we started the project too late in the season and had to delay the move until spring of 2015.

We had wonderful cooperation from a number of people and agencies as well as information and input that was invaluable.

Miller-Sellner Equipment in Bingham Lake donated the use of a trailer, which we absolutely had to have to move the bin.

The Windom Street Department agreed to have one of their staff lift a wire over 16th Street or disconnect that wire located across the path of the bin if the bin did not fit underneath (it did fit underneath).

Others that helped on the day of the move (Wednesday, April 8) were Tom Meyeraan and Jerome Robillard (each of whom ran their own skid steer),  Buckwheat Johnson, Per Nielsen, Dave Vaupel, and Howie Davis.  Giving much need assistance were Sheriff Jason Purrington and Windom Chief of Police Scott Peterson, as well as members of their staffs.

Bob Lindaman, owner of Windom Pallets (and the land on which the bin has been located for several years), gave us a great deal of help and is willing to take possession of the old bin."
Finding Windom together,

06 January 2015

team windom.

Hello.  My name is Mari, and I am the founder of Finding Windom.  What is Finding Windom, you ask? Well, it all started right here at mari2cents.blogspot.com. It all kind of happened by accident, and let me tell you, I haven't done it alone.  Let me explain why I'm starting from the beginning. 

I very recently have been reading quite the discussion on one of my favorite places to get information, just like many, I'm sure.  Some information I enjoy reading, some I could do without, but none the less, it is the wonderful world of social media, and which I must admit has been quite the tool for some of my self proclaimed successes (when used positively of course) in my endeavors not only as an active member of my community, but as a local business owner as well.  This intriguing discussion can be found on the "What's Up in Windom" Facebook page.  A resource for community members to post information, to ask questions, and to be informed about all the wonderful things that happen in our wonderful community.  The discussion happens to be one of my favorite topics, bringing more businesses to our town, a topic that has been quite popular on my blog for the past 4 1/2 years.  Yes, you read that correctly, I have been writing in this blog for well over four years now, and I'd have to say I'm quite excited to see such discussions happening.  Now that there are over 120 some comments, the name Finding Windom seems to show up in many of these comments.  Wow.  Cool.  But there seems to be confusion as to what Finding Windom really is and if the "group" is still active and what it is Finding Windom does.

You see, I didn't intend for the Finding Windom as discussed on social media to happen. It all started with my love for writing, and my discovered passion for Windom. I would love for you to check out my very first blog posts, especially the very first post titled "poking inspiration with a stick."  This blog was intended to be my accountability, my art, and my commitment.  I thought the only person who would honestly read my blog, besides myself, was my mom.  But, nope, here we are folks.  20 seconds of insane courage and vulnerability has birthed what you know to be Finding Windom.  And the things that have happened with that courage.  That belief that I'm put here for some reason and why can't that be to take interest and pride in my community? To believe that I can make a difference by doing the things that I love in my community.  I mean, River City Eatery is my love and look what this small business does for our community, wouldn't it be great to have more!  I'm not saying everyone should go out and start a business, but I'm saying take all your ideas and opinions about what you're passionate about, what your opinions are regarding what we should have or what could be better, and do it.  Just talking has never changed anything.  you know, "breathe it all in, love it all out."

Which leads my to the "haven't done it alone part."  The others in the "group" Finding Windom are just normal people like me.  No superhuman powers, no extra hours in the day, no problems not as bad as others, just plain making the community a better place kinda human.  Thank you to those who possess the selfless, a quality that seems to disappointedly disappearing.   Thank you for your positive attitudes, your working hands, and willingness to change.  You should be celebrated for your actions.  Many hands make for a lighter load, and we must come together.  Together we have become Finding Windom and we are taking members daily.  Tell me, what team are you on?  I hope its team Windom.   

So here I am again, writing poetry, while regaining strength and positivity, remembering what it feels like to dream, to believe I alone can make a difference and what that would mean if we all believed it.  For "it is not the easy or convenient life for which I search, but rather live to the edge of all my possibility."  So tell me?  What "sucks" about that?