25 August 2012

River City Eatery + World Wide Web = LOVE.

Back in the spring, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for this article by someone who is as passionate about saving "downtown" as I am.  It was a pleasure speaking with her about her work and mine.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to continue making these connections with people, and I am so blessed with River City Eatery and Finding Windom. 

Oh, and local business owners, trust me, the beauty of the world wide web is working for River City Eatery and it can work for you!!!

Please check out the link below to read the article written by Errin Welty,:


P.S. Thank you, Errin!

A little bit about Errin taken from the article:

Errin Welty is a market analyst at Vierbicher. She works with public and private sector clients to create market-based solutions to solve economic and planning issues. Errin has significant downtown experience, having been on the staff of downtown organizations in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and Denver, Colorado, and a founding member of Wheat Ridge 2020. She has a lifelong passion for enhancing and preserving downtown’s place in the community. She relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, from Denver, Colorado, where she managed Grubb & Ellis’s research and marketing department.

07 August 2012


It's not often I get to sit and stare at this mocking cursor, but I just had to make a little time to write a long-over-due post.  The past few weeks have been absolutely nuts at River City Eatery.  I'm so thankful for the success of the business, but it sure does take a toll on one's body and mind. 

Anyway, Sunday was one of those days where I actually got a little time to reflect and what a beautiful day to do it.  Andy, Henrik and I started the afternoon with a walk to the park and the rest of the day was spent finishing a few half done home projects.  As evening started to settle in, so did I.  The windows were open, the inspiring evening summer breeze made the curtains dance, and I was in sweet surrender reflecting at the last two years of Finding Windom.  There have been so many great things that have happened for Windom in the last two years.  Just in the last year, many storefronts around town have received much needed facelifts.  McDonald's did an amazing transformation, as well as Bank Midwest.  The old Lewis Family Drug building on Highway 60 has finally been sold, as well as the old HyVee building.  The new HyVee store did a wonderful job updating the grocery store. Pamida is closing its doors and remodeling to become a Hometown Shopko and the old Bolin Lumber property is now becoming River Valley Fitness.  This stretch of highway has needed some TLC for quite sometime now, and it has finally happened!  The City is putting up some very attractive and much needed "Welcome to Windom" signs, and I see the Chamber of Commerce put up a new awning, the Schramel Law Office put up a beautiful new sign and so did Lampert's Lumber.  The business community is also starting to have an online presence on the world wide web.  And last, but certainly not least, The Windom State Theatre is up and running once again thanks to the hard work and dedication of many determined community members. 

With all these wonderful things happening, it made the beautiful day even more beautiful knowing the community of Windom is seeing some wonderful progress.  I'm hoping this progress continues for many years to come...

Happy times,