03 December 2012

30 is the new happy.

Yup, I made it...I'm officially 30 years old.  To most it's probably no big deal-lots of people turn 30, nothing special, just another year, but I'm hear to tell you that it feels good to be another year older and another year wiser.  I spent my birthday at River City Eatery among friends and family, good food, good drinks and good music.  What else can a girl ask for?   Oh wait, I know, good business. 

Tonight, I had the pleasure of making Lorie Line and her Fab 5 dinner right here at River City Eatery (Check out www.lorieline.com).  What an honor!  Our Business, Arts and Recreation Center here in Windom is nothing short of amazing to bring acts like Lorie Line to our community.  What a gift and asset to Windom--our BARC has brought River City Eatery so much wonderful business by hosting such wonderful talents, so, really, what else can a girl ask for for her 30th?  Thank you, BARC, you are a blessing for not only me and River City Eatery, but to our whole community and area.  Check out all the wonderful things BARC has to offer at www.barcwindom.com and don't be afraid to make a generous donation to see this asset thrive in our community.

Happy times,

09 November 2012

reality tv

I'll admit it, I indulge in reality tv.  It's the only thing that literally shuts my mind off for awhile in the wee hours of the night when my head isn't ready to hit the pillow-like right now.  It's a guilty pleasure I guess, but unfortunately its becoming a little to trendy and where does the "reality" actually fit in to what they call reality tv? I often wonder if the good 'ol days of television will ever come back, like TGIF.  Remember TGIFridays?  I lived for Friday nights, after a long week of middle school. Heck, there wasn't anything better in 6th grade than staying over night at your best friends house waiting for the run of Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Family Matters to come on.  Ahh, just some good, clean television. 

Anyway, here is what I would define as real reality tv, it's yours truly doing a video interview for a project  filmed by Peter Shea. I was one of a few interviews Mr. Shea did in Southwestern Minnesota.  In Peter Shea's words to define the purpose of the interviews, he says, "these [interviews] have been telecast in the metro area on the "Bat of Minerva," prepared for local telecast on community cable stations in Southwest Minnesota under the title “Meet the Neighbors,” and posted on the Institute for Advanced Study website at the Univeristy of Minnesota-Twin Cities, as part of a cluster of interviews on rural communities and food issues."
It was an awesome experience to sit down with someone and really think and openly talk about the path of my life, the birth of River City Eatery, and the reality of my ultimate dream coming true (which is River City Eatery).  Thank you, Peter Shea, for taking the time and for finding me, for lack of a better word, interesting enough to "document," which I'm still trying to figure out to this day...

Pop some popcorn and enjoy, it's the new TGIFriday!


22 October 2012

pigs are still flying...

This past weekend was a special one...it was the celebration of River City Eatery's 1st Birthday.  I like to consider it a birthday instead of an anniversary because I feel this place was inside me for so long, just waiting to come out.  Much like life before my dear son, I don't remember what my life was like before River City Eatery.  It is a part of me, running through each vein, pumping to and from my heart and buried in my soul.   I know, that is pretty deep, but oh so true. 

A year has passed since the doors have been open, some days have been a struggle of steep learning curves and exhaustion, some days I've wanted to jump out of my skin in happiness and excitement, some days my feet have hurt beyond a ten, some days the people I meet here are incredibly inspiring, and some days I've wondered how this has all come together.  And every day, and I mean everyday, I think of how blessed I am that this consistent perserverence has had to come from some outer source beyond my own passion and craziness.  Yup, the pigs are still flying, my friends, I did it, and I'm still smiling, still cooking and baking, and still so excited to come to River City Eatery! 

Thank you to everyone who has made the 1st year of River City Eatery in beautiful downtown Windom incredible for not only me, but the hundreds of people who have walked in the door with a smile bigger than mine.  Thank you to my family, my friends, my regulars and my wonderful staff for helping me stay sane through the crazy ride of running my own business. Thank you for the memories, past and present of River City Eatery and here is to so many more to come.

Happy times are always at River City Eatery,

08 October 2012


If I could bottle and sell the energy that my 2 year old had, I'd be rich.  He gets quite excited about things, and I'd have to say, I think he gets that from me.  I live for excitement too, but what I love most about him is that he gets excited about the little things.  Oh I pray that he may always get excited about the little things.  In fact, when he does get excited, he's not afraid to raise his little fist as far up as he can reach it, sometimes both fists even, and lets out a big "woohoo!"  And I pray I never forget these moments when his excitement is so big he lets it out for everyone to hear. 

So this is what I learned from you, my dear little baby boy, Henrik, I'm letting out a giant "woohoo!" with both my fists in the air because Finding Windom's Vice President, Damon Weinandt, has started his new postion as Windom Area Chamber of Commerce President today! 

"WOOHOO!"  I couldn't be happier for Windom right now.

We just keep making finding Windom a little easier every day...congrats Damon, we are lucky to have your energy in the Chamber office and in our community.  Go get 'em!

Happy times,

25 August 2012

River City Eatery + World Wide Web = LOVE.

Back in the spring, I had the pleasure of being interviewed for this article by someone who is as passionate about saving "downtown" as I am.  It was a pleasure speaking with her about her work and mine.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to continue making these connections with people, and I am so blessed with River City Eatery and Finding Windom. 

Oh, and local business owners, trust me, the beauty of the world wide web is working for River City Eatery and it can work for you!!!

Please check out the link below to read the article written by Errin Welty,:


P.S. Thank you, Errin!

A little bit about Errin taken from the article:

Errin Welty is a market analyst at Vierbicher. She works with public and private sector clients to create market-based solutions to solve economic and planning issues. Errin has significant downtown experience, having been on the staff of downtown organizations in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and Denver, Colorado, and a founding member of Wheat Ridge 2020. She has a lifelong passion for enhancing and preserving downtown’s place in the community. She relocated to Madison, Wisconsin, from Denver, Colorado, where she managed Grubb & Ellis’s research and marketing department.

07 August 2012


It's not often I get to sit and stare at this mocking cursor, but I just had to make a little time to write a long-over-due post.  The past few weeks have been absolutely nuts at River City Eatery.  I'm so thankful for the success of the business, but it sure does take a toll on one's body and mind. 

Anyway, Sunday was one of those days where I actually got a little time to reflect and what a beautiful day to do it.  Andy, Henrik and I started the afternoon with a walk to the park and the rest of the day was spent finishing a few half done home projects.  As evening started to settle in, so did I.  The windows were open, the inspiring evening summer breeze made the curtains dance, and I was in sweet surrender reflecting at the last two years of Finding Windom.  There have been so many great things that have happened for Windom in the last two years.  Just in the last year, many storefronts around town have received much needed facelifts.  McDonald's did an amazing transformation, as well as Bank Midwest.  The old Lewis Family Drug building on Highway 60 has finally been sold, as well as the old HyVee building.  The new HyVee store did a wonderful job updating the grocery store. Pamida is closing its doors and remodeling to become a Hometown Shopko and the old Bolin Lumber property is now becoming River Valley Fitness.  This stretch of highway has needed some TLC for quite sometime now, and it has finally happened!  The City is putting up some very attractive and much needed "Welcome to Windom" signs, and I see the Chamber of Commerce put up a new awning, the Schramel Law Office put up a beautiful new sign and so did Lampert's Lumber.  The business community is also starting to have an online presence on the world wide web.  And last, but certainly not least, The Windom State Theatre is up and running once again thanks to the hard work and dedication of many determined community members. 

With all these wonderful things happening, it made the beautiful day even more beautiful knowing the community of Windom is seeing some wonderful progress.  I'm hoping this progress continues for many years to come...

Happy times,

09 July 2012

A little help from friends.

Tonight we had our monthly finding Windom meeting, and I'm proud to say that Finding Windom donated $500 to the City of Windom to help make our beautiful new "Welcome to Windom" signs happen. I mean, that's what friends do, right? The project is getting underway, and we hope to see these much needed welcoming assets by the end of the year. We are happy that the EDA has made this project a priority this year. This has been something the Finding Windom team has been talking about since it's inception, and not only is it now happening, but Finding Windom, Inc, helped make it happen with our donation. Feeling very good about our contribution to the community and we can't wait to welcome our welcome signs!

02 June 2012

my prince and his castle.

After a crazy morning and lunch at River City Eatery, it was time to pick up my now 2 year old son, Henrik from day care.  We usually then go back to the Eatery to have supper together.  Since the weather has been nice, Henrik enjoys sitting at the tables outside in the front to watch the cars go by while he eats. As he was eating his peanut butter sandwich and chips, his little pudgy pointer finger turned toward the Courthouse and he said with a sticky peanut butter grin, "Let's go to the castle, mama."  I couldn't have been more delighted by the invitation.  I've never been invited to a castle before.  He grabbed the 3 chips he had left on his plate and said, "I want to bring my chips with too." "Okay, let's go," I said. We crossed the street together and ran towards the steps after reaching the green.  "I wanna go to the steps," he screams and points again with 2 year old energy while trying to keep his 3 chips safe.  We reached the stairs and sat down.  "Take a picture, mama." He layed his chips down on the cement, sat up and faced me making a little camera with his little fingers. "Cheese, mama, cheese." He took at least 4 or 5 pictures of his mama sitting on the steps of the courthouse, I mean, castle.  Then he sat next to me again.  We watched the cars go by, walkers pass, and pointed out the birds in the sky.  It couldn't have been a better place to sit and enjoy the surroundings.  "Okay," I said, "Mama has to get back to the Eatery to work for a little bit before we go home." "No, let's just stay here mom." Yup, I think that's a great idea, Henrik, let's just stay here, for a long, long time.

17 May 2012

happy community pride day!

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Community Pride Day held at Windom Area Schools.  I couldn't be more excited that this wonderful event successfully took place on the last day of school for the second year! My hats go off to Claire Warner and Meredith Hentges for putting in countless hours to see the event happen--their teachers, peers, and community should be very proud of what they accomplished this year. 

Community Pride Day's mission is to teach our youth how important community service is, while giving back to a community that supports the school all year long.  And also, to show our youth the beauty and success that the community of Windom holds. 

As the new chamber director, Kelsey Carlson, said to hundreds of students yesterday during the Community Pride Day lycuem, "Our hope is that this room is full of future Windom business owners."

Thanks to everyone who not only helped and supported Claire and Meredith in planning the 2nd annual Community Pride Day, but to the community members who understand its importance and support its mission and efforts.  Long live Community Pride Day!

07 May 2012

things are turning green!

With the arrival of spring, I get excited about all the wonderful opportunities and possibilities there are around Windom.  It's time to get outside and make our surroundings beautiful, and I couldn't be more excited to tell you that the Hillside Greenhouse is open again.  I want to extend my blessings, support, excitement and amazement at all the hard work new owners, Erin and Adam, have put into this spot.  WELCOME TO WINDOM and especially, WELCOME TO THE BUSINESS COMMUNITY.  I can't tell you how exciting it is to have these young, ambitious people, with the perfect vision for Hillside Greenhouse, right here in Windom.  Living the dream, my friends, living the dream, in this small Minnesota town.  Go check it out people--it's real and it's green!

27 April 2012

grand opening shindig and flying pigs.

So all month, okay, for a little bit longer, I've been planning a Grand Opening Shindig for River City Eatery.  I think it is finally the right time to do it, I'm feeling a little more comfortable being an owner, entrepreneur, employer, mom, wife, friend, and active community member all at the same time.  What a learning experience it has been and continues to be.  We are finally settling into a good groove here at River City Eatery, my employees or should I say, team is amazing here at River City Eatery, and we are throwing a huge bash to celebrate RIVER CITY EATERY.  Set for tomorrow, April 28th, ALL DAY LONG.  Hope to see you all there!

Here is the itinerary:

7:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m

All you can eat French toast for $6.  Check out a plethora of baked goods.  Rolls, scones, muffins, cupcakes...mmmm...

11 a.m.-2 p.m.
Check out some new menu items like our Chicken Brushetta Wrap, Chipotle Chicken Salad Wrap, and our Chips with Fresh Salsa new Shareable.

Get FREE chips and fresh salsa with your meal to jumpstart its addition to the Shareables portion of the menu!

2 p.m. -5 p.m.
Registration for EATING CONTEST begins at 1 p.m. Contest begins at 3 p.m. Enter the Spaghetti Eating Contest to win TWINS TICKETS or enter the Pie Eating Contest to win STEVE MILLER BAND TICKETS! And of course you’ll get the opportunity to brag to all your friends that you are the champion…must be at least 13 years of age to enter.

FREE Cookies

River City Root Beer Floats for $2

Bean Bag Toss, guessing games, door prizes, and oh so much fun!

Your coffee will come with a Wildflower Garden!  Our new coffee sleeves (while supplies last) are made with 100% recycled materials and come with seeds, so you can plant your coffee sleeve and watch a garden grow.  How cool is that?

For the kiddos:
Face painting, Noodle Necklace Makin’ Station, Ice Cream Samples (for big kids too).

6 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Live music by Betty and Ocho from Mankato, Minnesota—good stuff!

All you can eat Appetizer Bar for only $6.

And try a Prairie Stone Wine Float for only $3…must be 21 years of age to experience this float made with ice cream and, you guessed it, Prairie Stone Wine from Fieldstone Vineyards in Redwood Falls. MN.

I CAN'T WAIT to celebrate RIVER CITY EATERY.  The pigs are flying high, folks...I love flying pigs...

04 April 2012

a good meeting.

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post. I’m so sorry that there is so much to do around here that the weeks have slipped through my fingers. There are a million posts brewing in my head, so much to do, so much we’ve done and River City Eatery…just let me tell you, my love for this place keeps growing. I’m really looking forward to these upcoming warm months. Warm months unveil even more possibilities in this community, so exciting!

I was reading the Citizen this afternoon and was pleased to read about our City Council meeting with other entities within our community. It is so important to communicate with each other, so you can imagine my excitement when reading about this much needed collaborative meeting. Not only was this much needed meeting exciting because it shows the Council is acting on goals set in 2011, but the topic of how to attract younger people into our community and also reaching out to Windom Alum came up during the meeting. My hats go off to you, Windom City Council and Kelsey Fossing, for addressing this topic—a topic I am very passionate about. Cottonwood County has one of the highest outmigration populations in the country, a very serious matter, so it is wonderful that council members are bringing this subject to light and willing to try some new things to see younger people move to our wonderful community. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

29 February 2012

happy birthday mr. robert remick.

Up until recently, the name Robert Remick was just that to me-a name. I’ve heard it once or twice around Windom. I’ve seen the name on a few signs, and I’ve read the name in a few programs. But I really want to know, who is Mr. Robert Remick and why is that name so familiar? The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Bob Remick is the Remick Gallery at the Cottonwood County Historical Society. This gallery blesses our community with culture, art and the celebration of both and Mr. Remick made it happen, along with a countless number of things around our community.

Before this post begins to sound like an elementary report on some random historical figure, I want to stop telling you about his numerous accomplishments as a local artist and numerous contributions to our community of Windom and surrounding area, and I’d rather tell you that he was a very generous and very real person who had a vision for our community and made it happen.

This past fall, I had the honor of being introduced to some people who knew him best and are also on the board of the Remick Foundation. Through this very giving foundation, Mr. Remick and his wife have funded numerous, and I mean numerous projects around the community of Windom and surrounding counties. Knowing what an impact this man has made on my community, I was quickly and genuinely interested in knowing more about him. I asked them to share stories of him with me. I just love stories. I tell you, if I could just spend a day with Mr. Robert Remick, I sure would!

Just recently a scrapbook of his accomplishments as a local artist showed up at River City Eatery from one of the gals I met this past fall, and I couldn’t have been more excited to borrow and open this book. Inside are pictures of his artwork, newspaper clippings, and pictures of him, even some of his sketches. I can see the stroke of his pen over the paper. I could feel thought and imagination running through the ink. It is all so real. He was real in those pictures and he was a member of our community.

It is amazing to think that this man continues to help our community progress, even after his passing. What a blessing he has been to this community. We should be celebrating you, Mr. Robert Remick, thank you a million times over.

Robert Remick: February 29th,1903-July 12th, 1998 and forever.

20 February 2012

Welcome to downtown Windom!

I am happy to announce the  No Loitering signs on the courthouse square are gone!!  I couldn't be more excited.  It's feels more welcoming already.  So please, stay, relax, enjoy downtown Windom.  This is a big accomplishment for Windom. It's a step in the right direction and the direction is  forward!

16 February 2012


There are many things happening in this crazy city these days, despite the lack of posts from yours truly. Many changes coming our way as well. Business Caffeine is going on round 2 next week. Our local business owners are gathering to talk about things like promoting each other and downtown Windom. There is so much potential for our downtown and unveiling that potential starts without local businesses. I couldn't be more excited to chat with all my business owner peers about things we can do downtown, especially as spring and summer start to show their faces. Next, Windom is once again looking for a new EDA Director. I pray the committee finds someone who knows Windom and is is willing to invest heart, mind and soul to this beautiful city. I hope they see its potential beyond a manufacturing company, and see a city capable of providing jobs for knowledge workers and the creative class. May they see beyond buildings that are yet to be built, but instead see the potential and character in the ones still standing whispering history, stories, memories and community. And how easy it would be to keep this history alive. I feel like I have posted this all before only a short year ago...interesting how things work. And finally another change among our Chamber of Commerce. Windom is now looking for a new Chamber Director. These two positions are two of the most important positions in our community. Positions promoting Windom and all it's potential. My prayers are withbthose who must make a very important decision for our community-make us proud, make this community proud by filling these positions with optimism, hope, and passion. We must make it easy for the world to find Windom on a map of a million cities and these two positions are key roles in making that happen. With all these crazy changes happening in Windom, one thing remains the same...my love for this crazy place I call home. Happy times,

17 January 2012

it's all about communication.

I know, I know--it has been awhile. It's probably no secret that the excitement of river city eatery is consuming my life, but it hasn't deterred me from my quest to make Windom a little better than the way I found it. I'm trying to parallel my life now to things I can do to make Windom a destination city. So, with that said, I'm looking forward to our very first "Business Caffeine" meeting tomorrow. With the help of other eager Windom business owners, we are going to start meeting once a month to talk business in Windom, and most importantly how to promote ourselves and downtown Windom. A little communication never hurts!