29 February 2012

happy birthday mr. robert remick.

Up until recently, the name Robert Remick was just that to me-a name. I’ve heard it once or twice around Windom. I’ve seen the name on a few signs, and I’ve read the name in a few programs. But I really want to know, who is Mr. Robert Remick and why is that name so familiar? The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Bob Remick is the Remick Gallery at the Cottonwood County Historical Society. This gallery blesses our community with culture, art and the celebration of both and Mr. Remick made it happen, along with a countless number of things around our community.

Before this post begins to sound like an elementary report on some random historical figure, I want to stop telling you about his numerous accomplishments as a local artist and numerous contributions to our community of Windom and surrounding area, and I’d rather tell you that he was a very generous and very real person who had a vision for our community and made it happen.

This past fall, I had the honor of being introduced to some people who knew him best and are also on the board of the Remick Foundation. Through this very giving foundation, Mr. Remick and his wife have funded numerous, and I mean numerous projects around the community of Windom and surrounding counties. Knowing what an impact this man has made on my community, I was quickly and genuinely interested in knowing more about him. I asked them to share stories of him with me. I just love stories. I tell you, if I could just spend a day with Mr. Robert Remick, I sure would!

Just recently a scrapbook of his accomplishments as a local artist showed up at River City Eatery from one of the gals I met this past fall, and I couldn’t have been more excited to borrow and open this book. Inside are pictures of his artwork, newspaper clippings, and pictures of him, even some of his sketches. I can see the stroke of his pen over the paper. I could feel thought and imagination running through the ink. It is all so real. He was real in those pictures and he was a member of our community.

It is amazing to think that this man continues to help our community progress, even after his passing. What a blessing he has been to this community. We should be celebrating you, Mr. Robert Remick, thank you a million times over.

Robert Remick: February 29th,1903-July 12th, 1998 and forever.

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  1. Bob was a huge part of my life, like a grandfather to me. I was blessed to have met him when I was only 2 years old. I lived in Windom for only 5 years, but even after moving to Iowa, he was in my life! Some of my fondest childhood memories are at his house on what we called "happy hill farm". He used to paint tattoos on us & always bought back fun souveniers from his travels around the world! He was always happy, even up to the point of his passing. Bob & Windom will always hold a very special place in my heart! Thanks for blogging about Bob!