28 April 2011

Swipin' it good.

It's never been easier to do good.  The modern day convenience of debt and credit cards now makes it effortless to give back  and Finding Windom is a part of it.  You can now sign up your card to round up to the nearest dollar to be donated directly to your favorite town--Windom.  We have teamed up with Swipegood, created by Windom Area High Alumnus, Anthony Nemitz. 

I couldn't be more excited because anyone who knows anything about trying to sustain a mission to do good things will know that much needed fundraising can be time consuming.  In fact, it takes a lot of time and energy to do fundraising and this time and energy would better be spent conquering the mission at hand and reaching goals that really make a difference.  With the help of Swipegood, the mission of Finding Windom can be the focus instead of fundraising.  Isn't that amazing? 

Click on the Swipegood icon and you can get started today or visit https://swipegood.com/charity/finding-windom.

It has never been easier to support your favorite cause or easier for us to get more done to make the community a better place to be. 

Sign up today!

25 April 2011


Soon, my friends, soon...the whole city of Windom will be combined ONLINE for all of your Windom needs!  Finding Windom is collaborating with the City of Windom to give you your one-stop-shop for Windom at http://www.findingwindom.com/.

How would you like to know what is going on around town?  How would you like to know Windom business' hours or maybe you don't even know all the businesses we do have in Windom, but want to know so you can shop local?  How would you like a website to tell you where and how you can entertain your kids, your family, your guests right here in Windom?  Need to find your social network?  findingwindom.com will have it.  Need to know when the school's activities are or when BARC is having their next event?  Check out findingwindom.com for your community calendar. This is it--your convenient, fast, user friendly way to find windom! 

The purpose of the website will be to not only let the community know about all the great things around town, great events happening, great businesses to check out in one easy to use and attractive website, but this will also give our guests and potential tourists an easy way to find us and all the great things Windom has to offer.

We are pretty excited about this website...it is being created as we speak.  But great and efficient things like this take time, so you'll have to wait a little longer to see the finished product.

20 April 2011

facebook friends forever.

Ah, social media, you have got to love it.  And it's not just for teens! Will you be Finding Windom's friend on facebook?  As Finding Windom's community development efforts continue, we want to hear from you!  Because, after all, what the community wants is what the community should get, right? 

Finding Windom is using facebook as a tool to bring the community together to talk about how we can all make our little city be a better place to live, work and play.  Tell us what you love about Windom, tell us what you would like to see, tell us about great things happening around town, just tell us!  We like to talk about Windom and we hope you do to. 

Wouldn't it be nice to see our facebook conversations turn into actions?  This is how we become the little city that would.

19 April 2011

i'm bored.

The famous two words when used together that drove my mother absolutely nuts: I'm bored. I didn't dare say it growing up, I knew I would get a ridiculously sarcastic reply that sounded just as ridiculous as the two words "I'm bored." 

Well, today I got to thinking even more about the theatre project we are trying to work on and how I can't wait to see that theatre all shiny and new again, not only for the pleasing asthetics it would provide our beloved square, but for the kids in our community who utilize it the most.

The group of students who work at the theatre have an absolute unconditional love for this theatre.  They would do and are trying to do everything they can possibly do to see it be successful and see it all shiny and new.  They see so much potential in that theatre even without knowing all the joy it brought the many generations before them. 

The theatre provides a positive gathering place for them.  A place where memories they will have for a lifetime will form and shape who they are in years to come.  We need more of these positive gathering places for our youth.  We don't want them to ever say these ridiculous words, "I'm bored."

18 April 2011

public service announcement.

I know we really haven't had the ideal spring for outdoor activities yet, but just because I have to get outside, I've been taking a lot of walks lately. Henrik enjoys the view from his stroller as well--he makes the perfect walking partner.  I can't quite explain the feeling of being able to truly enjoy the outdoors after a long snow covered winter.  It amazing how something so familiar can feel so new again. Unfortunately, the spring also unveils a mess!

Spring is the perfect time freshen up the place.  Like I have said from the very beginning of this journey, small changes can make a big impact.  There is no better time than spring to search for those small things that can make the community look a little better.  Melted snow uncovers trash, dirt, and dull paint.  It's time to start spring cleaning!  It is definatley my favorite time of year--spring clean up.  It is a great opportunity, especially when the city provides such a wonderful service of free trash pick up coming soon at the end of April and beginning of May, to start fresh.  Take advantage of this great city service!

And Finding Windom doesn't want to waste precious time just cleaning up the place, there is too much fun stuff to do instead, like plan Community Pride Day and spreading awareness about our support local campaign, The Little City That Would.  We aren't a cleaning service, we are on a mission to make the quality of life in Windom even better...


14 April 2011


I sit here and stare at this mocking blinking cursor. I'm wondering where to begin and where to end this post. I sigh a good sigh, so much to say, so much to do.  Will I be redundant and tell you things you already know, will I be leaving something out?  Everyday I'm going further and further into this journey, no turning back.  No reason to turn back anyway because we have done so much and so much more to be done.  It is exciting to wake up wondering where Windom will take me for the day.  But it is in these quiet nights that I get to sit, take it all in, plan my next move to make my community a better place, and stare at this mocking cursor. 

13 April 2011

moving mountains.

Last fall, Finding Windom was proud to announce that we were an organization recognized by the Secretary of State with the gracious help of Ron Schramel, but we were missing that important piece--tax exemption status.  Along with missing that component to be comsidered a true, official non profit organization we were also missing the funds to file the proper paperwork.  And in all honesty, the paperwork was a little intimidating.  Well, right now, after another very generous donation of money, brains and support, Anthony Nemitz helped make Finding Windom, Inc a non profit organization in its truest form.  The paperwork and filing fee are in the mail on the way to the IRS office as I type these exciting words.  I can't express enough gratitude to Anthony for believing in Finding Windom's mission and believing enough in us to donate his time and money to make us a real organization.  THANK YOU!!

11 April 2011

just another day in paradise.

Today over my lunch break, I got a chance to talk about Finding Windom's support local campaign, The Little City That Would, along with other great things Finding Windom is working on, with the Economic Development Authority.  It was another chance to talk about all the possibilities Windom holds, as well as what Finding Windom is working on to make the quality of Windom that much better.  Finding Windom continues to build bridges within the community in order to make it a better place--it is how things work and how things get done--when we all work together toward a common goal. 

And after work today, I met with the Windom school board to discuss something great--Community Pride Day.  On the last day of school, Monday, May 23rd, Finding Windom is partnering with Windom Schools grades K-12 to host a Community Pride Day in which yours truly, Finding Windom, will be promoting community pride.  The day will start with a lyceum provided by Finding Windom, which will consist of a fun video starring all the great aspects of the city, between our businesses, parks and city "works," as well as how the community, especially young people, can get involved and do their part in community development.  It will also be a chance for them to see how the city works--it will be a chance for us to help them, well, Find Windom.   

I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity with Windom Area Schools, especially after talking about Windom with the Senior class last week.  We need to get young people involved in the community, to take ownership and see the opportunity here.  When young people have ownership, they have pride and see a future here in Windom, which is what we need them to see in order to continue progressing and thriving as a rural city. 

Mark your calendars...Community Pride Day...May 23rd, 2011...Get ready!

10 April 2011


This past weekend I had the pleasure of being in the audience of Prairie Arts Continuum's production of The Wizard of Oz.  There really is no better way to judge the quality of a community better than the amazing efforts of a community play.  What a great show and a great evening of entertainment at the BARC.  To see all those kids and adults working together was an awesome sight to see.  I appreciate all of these great events happening in our great city--just another reason why I love Windom and want to see it thrive.

07 April 2011

our future.

Today I had an awesome opportunity to talk my favorite talk with Windom Area High School Seniors--the graduating class of 2011.  The best part of the day was not talking about all the great things Finding Windom is doing, but discussing Windom from their point of view.  I'm going to be brutally honest, Windom, these kids don't find Windom to be very exciting, and this is a problem!  For a lot of rural areas, and especially Cottonwood County, the amount of out migration happening is absurd.  Our children don't view Windom as a place of opportunity and success, so they go elsewhere to find it.

Of course we need them to go off to college and get their degrees or learn trades, but then we need them to come back.  So how do we do this?  They need to see our community as successful, innovative and thriving.  They may not be able to pinpoint right now as they head off to explore the world exactly what they want in life or in a place, but someday they will have to make a choice, and Windom should be on that list.  We need to get these kids involved in the community.  We need to show them all the possibility within these city limits because there are a lot of them, but they can't see them right now.  It took me 10 years to see the opportunity in Windom, I don't want it to take that long for them.  I challenge you, Windom, to talk about and show to our students all the positives of our community--help them Find Windom.

04 April 2011

making another move.

Disclaimer: I have been trying to finish this measly post since Thursday!  Craziness on the home front, but oh so fun.

I am officially on the agenda to speak at the upcoming city council meeting on Tuesday, April 5th at 7:30pm.  I'm going to introduce myself and Finding Windom.  I won't be asking for anything other than a listening ear.   I'm very excited to add another piece to the Finding Windom puzzle.  I can't express enough how important it is in this whole journey to work as a well oiled machine--all aspects of the community working together toward a common goal.  No pointing fingers here, just holding each other accountable in doing our part to make the community a better place--you know?

On Friday, I had the pleasure of attending the OTA Sessions in Sioux Falls, SD.  A great place to get fired up about action!  The whole idea behind the OTA Sessions is to bring people together to share ideas, passions and experience about the Midwest's abilities for innovation and progression and to shatter the idea that creativity and innovation only exist on the coasts.  **hint, hint, Windom** It was an amazing experience being surrounded by the best in the fields of creative marketing and business.  I'm still fired up!

So, see you at the City Council meeting on Tuesday.  I can't wait to tell you all about it.