18 April 2011

public service announcement.

I know we really haven't had the ideal spring for outdoor activities yet, but just because I have to get outside, I've been taking a lot of walks lately. Henrik enjoys the view from his stroller as well--he makes the perfect walking partner.  I can't quite explain the feeling of being able to truly enjoy the outdoors after a long snow covered winter.  It amazing how something so familiar can feel so new again. Unfortunately, the spring also unveils a mess!

Spring is the perfect time freshen up the place.  Like I have said from the very beginning of this journey, small changes can make a big impact.  There is no better time than spring to search for those small things that can make the community look a little better.  Melted snow uncovers trash, dirt, and dull paint.  It's time to start spring cleaning!  It is definatley my favorite time of year--spring clean up.  It is a great opportunity, especially when the city provides such a wonderful service of free trash pick up coming soon at the end of April and beginning of May, to start fresh.  Take advantage of this great city service!

And Finding Windom doesn't want to waste precious time just cleaning up the place, there is too much fun stuff to do instead, like plan Community Pride Day and spreading awareness about our support local campaign, The Little City That Would.  We aren't a cleaning service, we are on a mission to make the quality of life in Windom even better...


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