13 April 2011

moving mountains.

Last fall, Finding Windom was proud to announce that we were an organization recognized by the Secretary of State with the gracious help of Ron Schramel, but we were missing that important piece--tax exemption status.  Along with missing that component to be comsidered a true, official non profit organization we were also missing the funds to file the proper paperwork.  And in all honesty, the paperwork was a little intimidating.  Well, right now, after another very generous donation of money, brains and support, Anthony Nemitz helped make Finding Windom, Inc a non profit organization in its truest form.  The paperwork and filing fee are in the mail on the way to the IRS office as I type these exciting words.  I can't express enough gratitude to Anthony for believing in Finding Windom's mission and believing enough in us to donate his time and money to make us a real organization.  THANK YOU!!

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