19 April 2011

i'm bored.

The famous two words when used together that drove my mother absolutely nuts: I'm bored. I didn't dare say it growing up, I knew I would get a ridiculously sarcastic reply that sounded just as ridiculous as the two words "I'm bored." 

Well, today I got to thinking even more about the theatre project we are trying to work on and how I can't wait to see that theatre all shiny and new again, not only for the pleasing asthetics it would provide our beloved square, but for the kids in our community who utilize it the most.

The group of students who work at the theatre have an absolute unconditional love for this theatre.  They would do and are trying to do everything they can possibly do to see it be successful and see it all shiny and new.  They see so much potential in that theatre even without knowing all the joy it brought the many generations before them. 

The theatre provides a positive gathering place for them.  A place where memories they will have for a lifetime will form and shape who they are in years to come.  We need more of these positive gathering places for our youth.  We don't want them to ever say these ridiculous words, "I'm bored."

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