25 April 2011


Soon, my friends, soon...the whole city of Windom will be combined ONLINE for all of your Windom needs!  Finding Windom is collaborating with the City of Windom to give you your one-stop-shop for Windom at http://www.findingwindom.com/.

How would you like to know what is going on around town?  How would you like to know Windom business' hours or maybe you don't even know all the businesses we do have in Windom, but want to know so you can shop local?  How would you like a website to tell you where and how you can entertain your kids, your family, your guests right here in Windom?  Need to find your social network?  findingwindom.com will have it.  Need to know when the school's activities are or when BARC is having their next event?  Check out findingwindom.com for your community calendar. This is it--your convenient, fast, user friendly way to find windom! 

The purpose of the website will be to not only let the community know about all the great things around town, great events happening, great businesses to check out in one easy to use and attractive website, but this will also give our guests and potential tourists an easy way to find us and all the great things Windom has to offer.

We are pretty excited about this website...it is being created as we speak.  But great and efficient things like this take time, so you'll have to wait a little longer to see the finished product.

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