11 April 2011

just another day in paradise.

Today over my lunch break, I got a chance to talk about Finding Windom's support local campaign, The Little City That Would, along with other great things Finding Windom is working on, with the Economic Development Authority.  It was another chance to talk about all the possibilities Windom holds, as well as what Finding Windom is working on to make the quality of Windom that much better.  Finding Windom continues to build bridges within the community in order to make it a better place--it is how things work and how things get done--when we all work together toward a common goal. 

And after work today, I met with the Windom school board to discuss something great--Community Pride Day.  On the last day of school, Monday, May 23rd, Finding Windom is partnering with Windom Schools grades K-12 to host a Community Pride Day in which yours truly, Finding Windom, will be promoting community pride.  The day will start with a lyceum provided by Finding Windom, which will consist of a fun video starring all the great aspects of the city, between our businesses, parks and city "works," as well as how the community, especially young people, can get involved and do their part in community development.  It will also be a chance for them to see how the city works--it will be a chance for us to help them, well, Find Windom.   

I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity with Windom Area Schools, especially after talking about Windom with the Senior class last week.  We need to get young people involved in the community, to take ownership and see the opportunity here.  When young people have ownership, they have pride and see a future here in Windom, which is what we need them to see in order to continue progressing and thriving as a rural city. 

Mark your calendars...Community Pride Day...May 23rd, 2011...Get ready!

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