27 September 2011

a look inside.

Check out our River City Eatery video! 

Couldn't be more excited to show it to you.  Getting closer and closer to opening our doors.  You'll be the first to know the official date!

Happy times,

26 September 2011


Check out http://www.findingwindom.com/. It is finally up and running and I couldn't be more proud.

I'm hoping this website will be just as beneficial for our residents as it is for our guests. 

Welcome to Windom on the web!

putting the "busi" in business.

Let me tell you, things are crazy busy around here, which is a great thing!  I don't know where to begin with all the wonderful things happening right here in Windom.  Between findingwindom.com (will be released very soon), MN Intelligient Rural Communities classes starting again, River City Eatery, The Little City That Would, well, the list continues...Windom is a great place to be right now, especially when the fall air and autumn colors are thrown into the mix, how can one not be the happiest person in the world?

Check out the fun weekend River City Eatery had at the book signing this weekend on Facebook:


Happy times,

20 September 2011


River City Eatery has some great things coming and we aren't even open for business yet.  Check out our progress and enjoy some coffee samples and desserts this Friday, September 23rd starting at 9 a.m. during the Windom Chamber of Commerce's new event, the Fall Street Fair.

Also, on Saturday, September 24th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., River City Eatery will be hosting a book signing with Windom's very own, Michelle Weber (Mickelson), who has illustrated the children's book, Levi's Lost Calf.

Looking forward to a great weekend at River City Eatery!

We are hoping to be open for operation the beginning of October.  We are finally in the home stretch of remodeling and finishing up the details.  How exciting!

I'll keep you posted on the grand opening day...it's just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited!

19 September 2011

it's time for real beer to come out of the shadows in Windom...

I love it when people can explain things better than I can.  Thank you!

Check it out:

Chronicles of Cottonwood County: it's time for real beer to come out of the shadows in Windom - Bluestem Prairie

We should know soon the outcome of River City's beer dilemma.  I will be sure to keep you posted...

15 September 2011

on the right route.

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now and apologize for the lateness of the reply to this awesome "news," but I think it deserves attention and a huge congratulations.

I want to congratulate the community members who have made the 17th Street sidewalk happen.  What a perfect example of community members coming together with a passion, purpose and dedicating time in order to make something as wonderful as safe routes to school for our children happen.  Because of this dedication, these people helped Windom Area Schools receive grant money to add a safe route sidewalk along 17th Street.  They also made a positive impact in our community and for our youth.  Awesome!

A huge thank you for being a positive asset to our community!  This is why I believe Windom continues to be The Little City That Would because of all the possibility our community and community members have. 

10 September 2011

this is bliss.

There is nothing better than watching my son enjoy all the beauty of a rural September Saturday.  We spent the afternoon under the perfectly warm sun among the granduer of nature at Shalom Hill Farm.  They hosted a fall festival of hospitality, food and music.  They created a perfect oppotunity to spend with family.  Not only is Shalom Hill Farm one of the Windom area's biggest assets, but the atmosphere is one where creativity and inspiration collide.  And then there is my son, my beautiful boy, taking it all in with me-enjoying the gifts of the earth.  The sunset, the colors of the season, the bright moon starting it's night shift.  The simplicity of spacious fields that roll for miles and the complexity of the living things in them.  Wow.

How can I deny the beauty, inspiration, and enjoyment rural gave us today?  How wonderful rural is and may Henrik always remember to take time to immerse himself in our beautiful surroundings.

He is trying to speak chicken.


He can't get enough of tractors.

Picture perfect at Shalom Hill Farm.

08 September 2011

stop. no, go!

I am so excited to see the stop lights in town get a face lift!  Such little things like painting the stop lights, make a huge difference!  The rust is gone, and it looks like Windom is a great place to be by doing small things like this.  It's a good day to be waiting for the red light to turn green, but I'm hoping to see more red lights turn green (try not to be so literal when reading between these lines).   Let's keep it moving!

04 September 2011

henrik wants pancakes.

Every weekend morning, Henrik wants pancakes.  I'm sure he wouldn't oppose having pancakes every morning or for every meal, but weekend mornings are special because I call my mom and together we take Henrik to McDonald's to get his 3 hotcakes and milk.  While Henrik eagerly waits to shove the next syrupy sponge of goodness into his tiny mouth (I often have to remind him to chew--that's how much he loves those pancakes), my mom and I catch up on what's new and converse with other patrons or other patrons try to start a conversation with the toddler whose blood type could quite possibly be syrup. 

But it is more than just pancakes, it has become a routine of conversation and togetherness.  I may be stretching it for an 18 month old's mind, but it is a chance for Henrik to socialize as well.  All those people who stop to say hello to him will be an important part of his life, just as many people were to me while growing up in this community.   

I'm hoping this is what River City Eatery becomes for others.  A place of routine, conversation and togetherness.  A place for Windom to gather and to show my son, Henrik, how wonderful it is to be part of this community.