04 September 2011

henrik wants pancakes.

Every weekend morning, Henrik wants pancakes.  I'm sure he wouldn't oppose having pancakes every morning or for every meal, but weekend mornings are special because I call my mom and together we take Henrik to McDonald's to get his 3 hotcakes and milk.  While Henrik eagerly waits to shove the next syrupy sponge of goodness into his tiny mouth (I often have to remind him to chew--that's how much he loves those pancakes), my mom and I catch up on what's new and converse with other patrons or other patrons try to start a conversation with the toddler whose blood type could quite possibly be syrup. 

But it is more than just pancakes, it has become a routine of conversation and togetherness.  I may be stretching it for an 18 month old's mind, but it is a chance for Henrik to socialize as well.  All those people who stop to say hello to him will be an important part of his life, just as many people were to me while growing up in this community.   

I'm hoping this is what River City Eatery becomes for others.  A place of routine, conversation and togetherness.  A place for Windom to gather and to show my son, Henrik, how wonderful it is to be part of this community.

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