28 August 2011


Today, River City Eatery had its first "gig."  Okay, it wasn't a paying gig, more of a sampler.  We had the beautiful setting of Cottonwood Lake, the shade of a big Maple and a breeze that made the leaves of the Cottonwood's play sweet music at the Strom family home and David's art studio.  It was the perfect day to share a taste of River City Eatery at Cottonwood County Historical Society's Artists' Studio Tour.  Mixed Berry Bars, Chocolate Chip and Raspberry White Chocolate Scones, Tiger Brownies, and Caramel Squares were on the menu.  We were lucky to share such a wonderful space with such great people.  Thank you to local artist David Strom and his wife, Marilee, for being such wonderful hosts and to the historical society for thinking of River City Eatery. 

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