02 August 2011


I want to share the 5 priorities of the Windom city council based on the community meetings feedback.  I have enjoyed discussing all of Windom's possibilities with not only other community members, but with the city council as well.  It is now my goal to see these priorities come to life with achievable goals set and made by the council.  How wonderful that we have concrete priorities set-we are on our way to wonderful things:

1. Community Pride-Dynamic future built on a positive and strong reputation and image.
2. Community Vitality-Create new jobs in tandem with a thriving and revitalized square.
3. Organizational Culture-High quality of services via an efficiant and effective workplace.
4. Public Facilities-Prioritize, plan and fun capital improvements.
5. Natural Resources-Utilize the value and beautify of our land and geography.

Next step--setting goals!

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