03 December 2012

30 is the new happy.

Yup, I made it...I'm officially 30 years old.  To most it's probably no big deal-lots of people turn 30, nothing special, just another year, but I'm hear to tell you that it feels good to be another year older and another year wiser.  I spent my birthday at River City Eatery among friends and family, good food, good drinks and good music.  What else can a girl ask for?   Oh wait, I know, good business. 

Tonight, I had the pleasure of making Lorie Line and her Fab 5 dinner right here at River City Eatery (Check out www.lorieline.com).  What an honor!  Our Business, Arts and Recreation Center here in Windom is nothing short of amazing to bring acts like Lorie Line to our community.  What a gift and asset to Windom--our BARC has brought River City Eatery so much wonderful business by hosting such wonderful talents, so, really, what else can a girl ask for for her 30th?  Thank you, BARC, you are a blessing for not only me and River City Eatery, but to our whole community and area.  Check out all the wonderful things BARC has to offer at www.barcwindom.com and don't be afraid to make a generous donation to see this asset thrive in our community.

Happy times,