09 November 2012

reality tv

I'll admit it, I indulge in reality tv.  It's the only thing that literally shuts my mind off for awhile in the wee hours of the night when my head isn't ready to hit the pillow-like right now.  It's a guilty pleasure I guess, but unfortunately its becoming a little to trendy and where does the "reality" actually fit in to what they call reality tv? I often wonder if the good 'ol days of television will ever come back, like TGIF.  Remember TGIFridays?  I lived for Friday nights, after a long week of middle school. Heck, there wasn't anything better in 6th grade than staying over night at your best friends house waiting for the run of Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Family Matters to come on.  Ahh, just some good, clean television. 

Anyway, here is what I would define as real reality tv, it's yours truly doing a video interview for a project  filmed by Peter Shea. I was one of a few interviews Mr. Shea did in Southwestern Minnesota.  In Peter Shea's words to define the purpose of the interviews, he says, "these [interviews] have been telecast in the metro area on the "Bat of Minerva," prepared for local telecast on community cable stations in Southwest Minnesota under the title “Meet the Neighbors,” and posted on the Institute for Advanced Study website at the Univeristy of Minnesota-Twin Cities, as part of a cluster of interviews on rural communities and food issues."
It was an awesome experience to sit down with someone and really think and openly talk about the path of my life, the birth of River City Eatery, and the reality of my ultimate dream coming true (which is River City Eatery).  Thank you, Peter Shea, for taking the time and for finding me, for lack of a better word, interesting enough to "document," which I'm still trying to figure out to this day...

Pop some popcorn and enjoy, it's the new TGIFriday!