10 September 2011

this is bliss.

There is nothing better than watching my son enjoy all the beauty of a rural September Saturday.  We spent the afternoon under the perfectly warm sun among the granduer of nature at Shalom Hill Farm.  They hosted a fall festival of hospitality, food and music.  They created a perfect oppotunity to spend with family.  Not only is Shalom Hill Farm one of the Windom area's biggest assets, but the atmosphere is one where creativity and inspiration collide.  And then there is my son, my beautiful boy, taking it all in with me-enjoying the gifts of the earth.  The sunset, the colors of the season, the bright moon starting it's night shift.  The simplicity of spacious fields that roll for miles and the complexity of the living things in them.  Wow.

How can I deny the beauty, inspiration, and enjoyment rural gave us today?  How wonderful rural is and may Henrik always remember to take time to immerse himself in our beautiful surroundings.

He is trying to speak chicken.


He can't get enough of tractors.

Picture perfect at Shalom Hill Farm.

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