15 September 2011

on the right route.

I've been meaning to write about this for awhile now and apologize for the lateness of the reply to this awesome "news," but I think it deserves attention and a huge congratulations.

I want to congratulate the community members who have made the 17th Street sidewalk happen.  What a perfect example of community members coming together with a passion, purpose and dedicating time in order to make something as wonderful as safe routes to school for our children happen.  Because of this dedication, these people helped Windom Area Schools receive grant money to add a safe route sidewalk along 17th Street.  They also made a positive impact in our community and for our youth.  Awesome!

A huge thank you for being a positive asset to our community!  This is why I believe Windom continues to be The Little City That Would because of all the possibility our community and community members have. 

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