28 April 2011

Swipin' it good.

It's never been easier to do good.  The modern day convenience of debt and credit cards now makes it effortless to give back  and Finding Windom is a part of it.  You can now sign up your card to round up to the nearest dollar to be donated directly to your favorite town--Windom.  We have teamed up with Swipegood, created by Windom Area High Alumnus, Anthony Nemitz. 

I couldn't be more excited because anyone who knows anything about trying to sustain a mission to do good things will know that much needed fundraising can be time consuming.  In fact, it takes a lot of time and energy to do fundraising and this time and energy would better be spent conquering the mission at hand and reaching goals that really make a difference.  With the help of Swipegood, the mission of Finding Windom can be the focus instead of fundraising.  Isn't that amazing? 

Click on the Swipegood icon and you can get started today or visit https://swipegood.com/charity/finding-windom.

It has never been easier to support your favorite cause or easier for us to get more done to make the community a better place to be. 

Sign up today!

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