22 October 2012

pigs are still flying...

This past weekend was a special one...it was the celebration of River City Eatery's 1st Birthday.  I like to consider it a birthday instead of an anniversary because I feel this place was inside me for so long, just waiting to come out.  Much like life before my dear son, I don't remember what my life was like before River City Eatery.  It is a part of me, running through each vein, pumping to and from my heart and buried in my soul.   I know, that is pretty deep, but oh so true. 

A year has passed since the doors have been open, some days have been a struggle of steep learning curves and exhaustion, some days I've wanted to jump out of my skin in happiness and excitement, some days my feet have hurt beyond a ten, some days the people I meet here are incredibly inspiring, and some days I've wondered how this has all come together.  And every day, and I mean everyday, I think of how blessed I am that this consistent perserverence has had to come from some outer source beyond my own passion and craziness.  Yup, the pigs are still flying, my friends, I did it, and I'm still smiling, still cooking and baking, and still so excited to come to River City Eatery! 

Thank you to everyone who has made the 1st year of River City Eatery in beautiful downtown Windom incredible for not only me, but the hundreds of people who have walked in the door with a smile bigger than mine.  Thank you to my family, my friends, my regulars and my wonderful staff for helping me stay sane through the crazy ride of running my own business. Thank you for the memories, past and present of River City Eatery and here is to so many more to come.

Happy times are always at River City Eatery,

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