08 October 2012


If I could bottle and sell the energy that my 2 year old had, I'd be rich.  He gets quite excited about things, and I'd have to say, I think he gets that from me.  I live for excitement too, but what I love most about him is that he gets excited about the little things.  Oh I pray that he may always get excited about the little things.  In fact, when he does get excited, he's not afraid to raise his little fist as far up as he can reach it, sometimes both fists even, and lets out a big "woohoo!"  And I pray I never forget these moments when his excitement is so big he lets it out for everyone to hear. 

So this is what I learned from you, my dear little baby boy, Henrik, I'm letting out a giant "woohoo!" with both my fists in the air because Finding Windom's Vice President, Damon Weinandt, has started his new postion as Windom Area Chamber of Commerce President today! 

"WOOHOO!"  I couldn't be happier for Windom right now.

We just keep making finding Windom a little easier every day...congrats Damon, we are lucky to have your energy in the Chamber office and in our community.  Go get 'em!

Happy times,

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