17 May 2012

happy community pride day!

Yesterday was the 2nd annual Community Pride Day held at Windom Area Schools.  I couldn't be more excited that this wonderful event successfully took place on the last day of school for the second year! My hats go off to Claire Warner and Meredith Hentges for putting in countless hours to see the event happen--their teachers, peers, and community should be very proud of what they accomplished this year. 

Community Pride Day's mission is to teach our youth how important community service is, while giving back to a community that supports the school all year long.  And also, to show our youth the beauty and success that the community of Windom holds. 

As the new chamber director, Kelsey Carlson, said to hundreds of students yesterday during the Community Pride Day lycuem, "Our hope is that this room is full of future Windom business owners."

Thanks to everyone who not only helped and supported Claire and Meredith in planning the 2nd annual Community Pride Day, but to the community members who understand its importance and support its mission and efforts.  Long live Community Pride Day!

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