22 December 2011


Another day has passed.  I'm enjoying the quiet in what was once the walk in freezer of Mix Bakery, but what I like to call the water heater closet/eatery office now.  I'm definately feeling the hustle and bustle of the holiday season that so quickly approached, so it feels good to just sit with only the somewhat unsettling sounds of an old building's personality to listen to.  Somebody pinch me, this blessing can't be real. 

Now that I feel like I'm getting into a groove of organized chaos here at River City, I'm looking forward to making some New Year's resolutions.  On my priority list is to help organize a Retail Association of sorts for our local businesses.  I've made some great contacts and together we are going to get the ball rolling to a great 2012 in downtown Windom, and I couldn't be more excited.  There is an energy coming back to our downtown--I can feel it, many are starting to feel it, I think.  It's the energy that keeps me going here at River City and the energy that makes Windom such a great place to be.

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