13 February 2016

always good ideas at the bottom of a coffee cup.

Today, River City Eatery hosted "Coffee with the Council," and I can't tell you how wonderful it is that the city council is offering the public a neutral space and time to sit down over coffee and have discussions about the important things facing our community.  This is a step in the right direction, folks.  I believe city politics should be transparent.  I believe city politicians should be approachable, and we should be able to have positive discussions about issues that will directly reflect the quality of life in our city.  I believe in an opportunity to be heard and understood. I believe the tough decisions we trust our city leaders to make should be guided by the voices and concerns of the people who live in our community.  Through Coffee with the Council, our city council members are now giving us, the people of this community, the perfect opportunity to be heard in a non formal, intimidation-free environment, and I encourage all community members to attend Coffee with the Council.  Below is a list of places and times for the upcoming year.

                                                              Coffee with Council
2016 Schedule

January 9                             Hy-Vee                                               Cooley & Johnson

February 13                         River City Eatery                               Jones & Joyce
March 12                             Hardee’s                                             Ray & Cooley

April 9                                 McDonalds                                         Johnson & Jones

May 14                                Hy-Vee                                               Joyce & Ray

June 11                                River City Eatery                               Cooley & Johnson

July 9                                  Hardee’s                                              Jones & Joyce

August 13                           Windom Country Club                       Ray & Cooley

September 10                      Hy-Vee                                               Johnson & Jones

October 8                            River City Eatery                               Joyce & Ray

November 12                      Hardee’s                                             Cooley & Johnson

December 10                      McDonalds                                         Jones & Joyce

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