07 June 2011

getting personal.

On Sunday afternoon, Henrik and I loitered on the Cottonwood County Courthouse lawn--right next to the No Loitering sign too--don't tell anyone.  It was a beautiful summer day, a slight breeze and we were under the gracious shade of a big maple with life running through its every branch and leaves stretching to the perfect blue sky--it's hard to believe we live in a material world when we have moments like that.  Across the street, we looked upon the future home of River City Eatery.  I watched my dad and husband, Henrik watched his grandpa and dad, give their time and attention to the building that will someday make new memories in Windom--how lucky I am to have family that believes in me, that believe in Windom. Henrik and I slowly started to watch River City Eatery become something real under that crystal blue sky and beaming Sunday sun. 

I couldn't help but think about Henrik watching all of this.  He pointed his tiny, pudgy fingers at his men carefully placing the River City Eatery sign atop the awning, he looked at me with those eyes of innocence, squinting from the bright sun, and boldly nodded his head in delight.  His blonde curls blew in the breeze.  What a peanut.  I started to think about how River City Eatery will be his life as well as mine.  How this is what he will know of me and of Windom. He will never know what graced those walls before River City, he will only know stories and someday he will have memories of his own to share about River City Eatery.  This makes me almost as happy as sitting there with him under that powerful and generous maple on the courthouse lawn.  Oh, what a perfect place to loiter.

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  1. Hi Mary, heard from your father, that you were starting a new eatery, we wish you luck, we will be wathing from Aalborg, Willy