20 June 2011

start talking.

Okay, it is time to start talking.  Let's talk about Windom.  Yup, my favorite subject.  Finding Windom is partnering with the Windom city council and Dave (a guide man for strategic planning hired by the city council) and we are going to help the city council make goals, achievable goals, to make the quality of life that much better in Windom.  Here is the deal: I want to hear from you about what you would like to see the city council work on.  Everything from streets, parks to downtown...now is your chance to be heard.  Do it anonymously, do it bravely, whatever you like, just voice your ideas to help Finding Windom help the city council.

Finding Windom will be using blogspot and Facebook to gather thoughts and ideas, so start thinking and start writing.  We are also going to be hosting a city wide meeting for the community to come together and talk more about goals for the city council and Windom.  Watch for further details about time and place.

Let's start talking!  This is the first step to making great things happen.

What would you like to see happen in Windom?

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