22 August 2013


You know when you have those moments of complete inspiration, when you can hardly stay in your skin because there is this energy inside of you that you just have to get out and share?  Well, when I do, I wish I could figure out how to keep those feelings forever-never letting it go, never letting the doubt or craziness of the energetic idea get scared back into the shadows it appeared from.  I suppose life continues with its own twists and turns and neccessaries it must in order for it to continue on its habitual course, I guess we have to sleep sometimes.  I mean, it might be an awful feeling to feel like you are coming out of your skin constantly, right? 

Well, I must share with you an energy I wish would never leave Windom, and it comes from the young women who work with me.  Some of them have recently taken on their own projects and are writing about it in their own blogs.  I'm so proud of them for putting their beautiful souls out in the world of blogging for all to see, especially Windom. 

These young women will soon be leaving me at the Eatery to resume getting their education, resume finding their perfect balance of confidence and humbleness, and resume finding their way in this complicated world, knowing full well they have something wonderful to offer it.  But what a gift they have been to me, the Eatery and to Windom.

You know how for the past 3 years I've been talking about all the potential Windom has, all the little things that are here that make Windom exciting, different, fun and energetic, well they feel it too.  No, I take that back-they are it.

If only I could figure out how to make them stay, just like all of those moments of inspiration...yeah, a girl can dream, heck, a girl can always dream right here in Windom...and I hope I've encouraged them to do so again someday just like me.

You can read about their adventures in their own blogs and I encourage you to do so. Two blogs full of energy, fun and all the inbetweens.


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