10 September 2013

there's no crying...

I can't help but write about my day today.  It was a day I will never forget..it was the day I dropped my son, Henrik, off at Busy Bee Preschool for the first time. Of course everyone asked me if I was going to cry today after dropping him off.  A fair question, I guess.  Maybe I would cry because time has passed all too soon.  After all, my baby boy was only 5 months old when I started telling you my Finding Windom story right here on blogspot.  There is no question that time has passed all too soon, but what is new, right?  Time is just something we must accept as there is no way to change it.  Maybe I would cry because he is my baby boy and all too soon would no longer fit in my lap or accept my public displays of affection?  In all honesty, I don't know why I was suppose to cry today other than most parents might find it hard to send their babies off to school for the first time.

But I do know that what I saw in that boy today was the most breathtaking thing I have witnessed as a mother so far, besides cradling him in my arms shortly after the crazy ride we both took together the day he was born.  I saw my baby boy so proud to start this new journey.  I saw his excitement for learning, trying something new, discovery, exploring and independence. He was ready to take on the world today without hesitation and without needing me by his side, but knowing that I would be there to pick him up, ready to hear all about it.  And I'm okay with his independence, I mean, he is not mine to possess and selfishly keep for myself.  This is the beginning of his own journey which comes from something much greater than me and for him to graciously accept this new journey
 at such a young age with wide open arms made me so proud to be his mother. It was the most beautiful thing, my friends, to see my son so happy today at Busy Bee Preschool.

He really is the most wonderful thing.  So what was there to cry about?

happy times,

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