23 July 2010

a mouthful of ambition

So in the wee hours of last night, while listening to the oddly calming sounds of our old window unit air conditioner, it dawned on me--what are people going to think I know about changing a city?  I'm not going to lie, after I thought about it I got a pit in my stomach, especially after I submitted a letter to the editor of the local paper about my blogspot.  It's on now--no turning back.  Eyes will be reading and opinions will be forming. So not only am I going to have to convince a town that it can be a destination city and rural hot spot, but I'm going to have to convince them that I know what I'm talking about.  I don't know what is going to be harder, but in my defense, I can guarantee that I have a lot of darn good ideas and a lot of darn ambition!  Bear with me here, I'm going to try to sell myself...1. I've done a lot of traveling in both the US and Europe.  I've seen some pretty cool things and if you ever have a chance to see some really cool things--by all means do whatever it takes to see those really cool things. 2.  Thanks to my mom I grew up with the ability to create things and see potential in things like a big box of old beads, rocks, a blank piece of paper, and my favorite...ready...Windom. 3. I believe in nothing more than common freakin' sense, yet I know and understand "common" does always mean everybody has it or will be pleased with it (which I think will be the challenge in this project sometimes) oh boy, do I know the power of the phrase "can't make everybody happy."  4. There are always ways around spending lots of money.  A can of paint and a broom, my friends, doesn't cost a lot of money.  5. I'm willing to do a lot of work myself and am determined to find others willing as well. I would hope others would like to feel the power of community. 6. I've lived here most of my life, as well as my family.  These are my roots.  7. One word--RESEARCH.

I don't know if I have convinced you that I know what I'm talking about when I say I can transform Windom into a destination city, but I can tell you that sound of the window unit air conditioner became oddly calming again after pin pointing my abilities in my head.  Thus, I had to write them down the minute I got a chance.

For those of you wondering what I'm planning to do to find a revelation for this small town here is a list of my short term goals (I must keep goals small in order to do bigger things in the future):
*Research, research, research--doing polls on my blog, talking to other cities the size of Windom, talking to the residents and potential tourists about what they would like to see in Windom, talking to those who have been around this area for years (I'd love to hear about the good 'ol days), talking to the people in the seats of power in the city to see what they are working on.
*Spread the word about my blog and get followers and supporters!!!!!!  I'm not talking to the person behind you (of course I wouldn't turn them away), but I'm talking to you!!!! 
*Watch for my upcoming homemade virtual tour of our beloved "square".
*Get some business on board.  I would like to work with them, help them get customers in the door and people shopping in Windom.
*Get the people who own properties around the square/city that are lifeless and empty to keep them up.  There are always things to do with empty buildings!

Well, I'd say I have a lot to chew at this point.  I understand it will take time to do these things, but that pit in my stomach is more excitement than fear.

I'm ready for this challenge with all my heart and soul!

Happy times,

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