25 July 2010

"Square" One

Another day has passed and I'm sitting in my dining room in almost complete darkness, listening to the baby monitor and staring out the picture window that faces south.  Ironically, I can see the grain elevator, which I like to call part of Windom's skyline, bearing the very word that brings me to this blog: Windom.  The street lights give the tallness of the elevator a tiny glow among the coldness of the black sky.  It makes me excited to think of the future, of goals being met, and of a community working together to start a revelation in this city.  My enthusiasm hasn't dwindled.  It hasn't become one of those things we say we are going to do and quickly put in the back of our minds for another time.  This is a long time coming for me and like I've said in past blogs, I'm ready for this with all my heart and soul. 

Tonight, Henrik and I took a little walk downtown while my husband was working in "his" garage.  My brother was nice enough to borrow me his video camera, so while on our walk I captured some video of downtown in the raw.  The camera doesn't lie my friends, but you will find out soon enough when the video is posted.  This Sunday evening stroll was perfect for video taping because there wasn't much traffic downtown--just a few couples on bike rides, which made optimal camera time. 

While on our walk, the sun was starting to make it's decend which made the mature surrounding trees a brillant green.  The courthouse standing so proud among its gallery despite the chipped paint, cobwebs and For Sale signs.  That courthouse really is a sight.  Oh my, that courthouse. Sounds weird, but you can almost feel the pride of its history in its presence... and then you walk among its square.  It is almost as if you've entered a different world--one of disappointment, failure and carelessness.  Don't get me wrong--there are signs of life, pride and hope, but it doesn't do the enormity of the presence of that courthouse justice (no pun intended).  What a little paint, pull and broom would do to that square--I think it would make the courthouse pretty happy and there is nothing I want more than to see that courthouse smile just like it did way back when.

If you are out there (and a few of you are already--thank you) and willing to help form a city beautification circle, please, please let me know. Let me hear your comments because I know we all have them!  Until then, I'll be out there on that square looking for hope, looking for support, and looking for those willing to offer a little elbow grease.  We will be meeting soon!

Find Windom.

Happy times,

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