25 July 2010

you drove through Windom on your way here...

So last night I was in downtown Minneapolis on Nicollet Avenue with a great friend (you know who you are) and I was on a mission...okay 2 missions.  I was on a mission to have a good time and I was on a mission to spread the word about mari2cents.blogspot.com.  Luckily, the first mission came pretty easy with the company, and the second mission wasn't as easy.  To start the night off we ate a late dinner at this joint called Brit's Pub--not too shabby.  It was here where I decided it would be a good idea to write the address to my blog on napkins and write it across my arm.  You bet, I brought a good 'ol blue, clickable fine point Sharpie permanent marker with me and it came in handy just like I knew it would.  I didn't think I would be using it to write on napkins, but I thought it worked rather well.  I decided I wanted to give these napkins to anyone who I thought would be willing to checkout my blog.  I left one for the waitress, I left one in the bartenders tip jar, I left one in a bathroom stall, and I gave one to two random dudes who looked like they were in a deep conversation about a really great blog.  We decided to take a walk up the busy street and stumbled upon place number 2 called "3 Monkeys".  The great music of the 90s was playing on the jukebox, there weren't too many people in there and really it felt much more like, well, home--small, great atmosphere and the people were willing to chat.  Unfortunately, there was a guy who for lack of a better definition was a complete douche bag, but don't worry, I was honest with him and told him exactly what I just told you.  Anyway, as I searched for my next so-called victim I noticed a great shirt this guy was wearing.  It graced the words in big brown letters across the chest "THE HIPPIES WERE RIGHT".  I told him how great his shirt was and he told me he bought it for $4 at some 2nd hand store. "$4!" he exclaimed.  "I would have paid $8!" he said.  So I offered to buy it from him for $5, unfortunately he declined and I don't blame him.  It was a cool shirt.  Which kind of brings me to my next point--I think one of Windom's great draws should be the power of consignment, 2nd hand and antiques.  I'm telling you, there is a market for this stuff and Windom has it--we should run with it.  As this other down to earth guy passes our table he asks if we want to hear anything on the juke box.  i was completely happy with all these songs of the 90s that he was playing, so I gave him a napkin too.  Well, the power of music is amazing (for many, many reasons) because then this other guy who was sitting at the bar with 2 big plates of food chimes in to our music conversation.  We ask him where he is from and he replies "Sioux Falls".  Sioux freakin' Falls!  At this point I was pretty excited. Like a complete gentleman he returned the question and of course my reply was "Windom. You probably drove through it on your way here, right?" Just as I suspected, he took Highway 60. Well, the night is history from here.  I continued to spread the word about my blog and Windom to some passer-byers and other 3 Monkeyers.  The missions were definitely complete--all while that douche bag I mentioned earlier sat alone the whole night.

You know, there have got to be hundreds of potential guests and vacationers passing through Windom everyday on that crazy highway--if we could only get them to stop...

Happy times,

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