28 January 2011

mission: possible

So with Finding Windom's public presentation night coming up February 16th at 7pm at the BARC, I thought it would probably be a good idea to put together our mission, vision, values and goals to create a more concrete concept of Finding Windom's purpose.  Just to clear things up: Finding Windom isn't just a clean up crew, we are an organization dedicated to the growth of our community in an ever changing world.  We hope you come to learn more and share with us your vision for Windom as well on February 16th at the BARC, but before then, it's my pleasure to bring you this work in progress for you to read, absorb and get excited about:

Mission: With the creative minds and working hands of volunteers with a genuine passion for their community, Finding Windom will dedicate time and effort to find Windom’s potential and true beauty.

Vision: Finding Windom is dedicated to creating a thriving and unique downtown and community-wide experience. We believe our downtown Square is the heart and soul of our community and its surroundings promote an ideal quality of life for its residents. We wish to see the community’s potential flourish in our ever changing world.

We believe our downtown Square is:

a. What makes Windom unique and distinguished.

b. A central meeting place for our community’s celebrations

c. A place for business, retail and service, housing and recreation

d. Rich in history and pride and we must preserve it for the future

e. Has limitless potential for growth

f. We must make decisions to ensure its growth and protect its historic relevance in the community.

Values: Finding Windom values our downtown and community wide assets. We value the power of the internet and our “wired” city, we value the spirit of cooperation and the strength of working together, and we value the power of pride. We value Windom’s businesses, services, residents, tourists and limitless potential to progress and grow.


1. Branding Windom. We are continually working to brand our city to give it relevance in today’s every changing world. By branding Windom, we give people and businesses a reason to come, stay, and do business in our beautiful city.

2. Development on our beloved Square. We wish to see the Square provide a unique experience for residents and tourists. In order to do this, Finding Windom’s goal is to promote our existing businesses, encourage more businesses on the Square, market the Square to tourists through signage along the highway, broadband usage, and working with surrounding and state-wide communities. We wish to promote activities/community events beneficial to the economic stimulation of our downtown businesses and celebrate our community as a whole.

3. Cooperation and Support. Finding Windom will initiate and seek partnerships for collaboration with any group/organization that influences the development and growth of our community. We would like to facilitate efforts of development with formal decision makers of the city. We promote using professional and social networks as valuable resources to make progress and advance development.

4. Education. Finding Windom is dedicated to educating the public about important issues that face our community. We wish to remind the community about the power we have over our quality of life and economic growth. We support local, we understand its importance, and we promote ongoing campaigning to remind others of the importance of supporting local (The Little City That Would).

5. Credibility. We seek to be a vital resource and organization for the community of Windom. We wish to obtain credibility as a vital resource for the community by not only talking about Windom’s assets and potential, but providing our forward thinking ideas, positive attitude and working hands into making Windom an exceptional place to be.

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