26 January 2011

no vacation.

Ah, the smooth feeling of my laptops shallow keyboard, the familiar J K L ; and F D S A position how I've missed you.  I'm so sorry I kept you waiting, but I had to take a little unexpected vacation and it wasn't to Tahiti.  This winter has been by far the unhealthiest winter I've ever had in my life **feel free to say this very dramatically**.  I get sick, my son gets sick, I get sick, my son gets sick--we are a close family, can you tell?  Thank goodness my husband has stayed healthy because he was stuck listening to my sighs of pain all while taking care of Henrik's teething, feverish happiness.  Such memories we've made this winter in the Harries' household. 

I must confess that while I may have lead you to believe I took a vacation from blogging, I did not, however, take a vacation from my quest to Find Windom--nothing could stop me from this, my friends.  Lets start with last Wednesday--I had a meeting with my new found MIRC (MN Intelligient Rural Communities) friends planning some pretty great classes for our local businesses about utilizing broad band, very exciting.  Watch for upcoming class dates to be held for the very low price of $5 at BARC.  On Thursday, I met with the Kiwanis group to discuss this very exciting MIRC project, its benefits to Windom and our businesses and how this project parallels all the missions and visions of Finding Windom. Thanks for your time, Kiwanis, much appreciated!  On Friday, I had yet another meeting regarding the MIRC project, got to talk "Windom talk" and officially meet the new EDA director-also very exciting, and I'm looking forward to working with him.  And finally on Saturday, Finding Windom was invited to celebrate with the board, employees and volunteers of the Plum Creek Food Coop at their annual holiday party.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate our exciting last few months for the Food Coop and for Finding Windom.  So it was a packed week for me before leading to the doom of Strep Throat that overcame me these past few days.  Now that I'm feeling better, I need to get my main little man feeling better as well, and we will be up for more eventful days on our journey to Find Windom.  Never a dull moment for us here in River City.

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