02 January 2011

the little city that would.

Resolutions, resolutions.  I figure it is always best to make a new year's resolution on January 2nd because most resolutions, as we all know, end January 2nd, so I figure by making one now there are better chances of it progressing on longer than a day.  Okay, to be completely honest, I made this resolution a while ago and have already started to work on it, but now it is time to share...

One of my new year's resolutions for 2011 is to start a support local campaign in Windom.  The title of the campaign is called "The Little City that Would," and it will be designed to help constantly remind locals to support local businesses.  Yeah, you are probably thinking, just another shop windom, help your neighbors, yada, yada, yada, schpeel, but I really think if we are constantly reminded and completely understand the impact, it would make a big difference because everyone needs to be reminded--that's why we have alarm clocks. Not only would it help our rural economy, but it would help our residents, new and existing, discover all the great things our city does have to offer. As a part of the campaign, I would really like to educate the public on the power we have to sustain our rural economy, and the power we have to help get new businesses to come to town--like another grocery store...oh, pretty please!

I'm hoping to have most of the details down on paper-- instead of just floating around in my mind--and be talkig to the public very soon, so we can get this puppy rolling and launched, so watch for more details.  I've been doing some research and have found many communities that have stated a support local campaign have seen very good--and important--economic revitalization happen.  I'm really looking forward to getting this underway, and also look forward to talking to the many businesses, groups/organizations, and the residents of Windom about what we can all do to see our small businesses and small community revive itself through the power of supporting local. 

This is just new year's resolution number 1...stay tuned for more...

And don't forget to "Cheer" for Windom at http://www.wehearyouamerica.readersdigest.com/.  We are making headway, so keep going!  Don't be shy, tell them what we need and why we are great!

Making it happen in eleven,

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