31 December 2010

not an ending, but a beginning.

Last post of the year--I can't believe it.  It's only natural on New Year's Eve to sit here and think about all the ups and downs of 2010, while starting to prepare myself for 2011. It never ceases to amaze me how fast one year can go, and yet life can change so dramatically in such a short time. The opportunities, blessings and obstacles of life are like clay, and I'm the artist trying to mold myself into the person I aspire to be using all the experience and knowledge each day brings.  Although there is plenty we can't control, it is incredible to think what power humanity has over the present and future.   As I sit in the same spot I almost always sit when writing these posts, I look outside the big picture window facing south and see the big elevator among the cold black and white earth bearing the simple word: Windom.  I knew this city had always played a role in shaping who I am today--you know, while growing up here and such, but I would have never imagined it would continue to change my life as it has these past few months.  What a glorious feeling.  So, as I reminisce, while counting my blessings and saying goodbye to 2010, just know that this is only the beginning, Windom.  I've got my 2011 resolutions all over you...

Finding Windom Forever.

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