16 December 2010

honesty is the best policy.

Since the reason I started writing this blog was to track my journey of creating a more thriving and vibrant community in which to work and play, I don't think I should cheat anyone by not sharing everything.  While trying to remain very positive, as hard as it may be sometimes, I want to update you on some things I've been up to.  I want to start with my efforts to get Jim Austerman's original composition of "The Christmas Bells of Windom," which was written just for us and for our chimes and that I wrote about in a previous post titled "ring on", played on our beautiful courthouse bells.  After doing the research about who runs the bells and how to make this happen, I was unsuccessful for reasons beyond my control.  I cannot change the minds of those not willing to listen.  I knew I would have many hurdles in this journey, I knew I wouldn't be able to get everyone excited about the possibilities in Windom and to grasp its uniqueness. So after mulling it over in my mind and heart, I just have to move on from this project with my head held high knowing I tried and hope that someday this task will happen just as quickly as it was dismissed.  Just know, my friends, this task should have been as easy as the push of a button, I just couldn't get the finger to push it.  There is one thing you should know about me, I don't give up easy, nor do I easily accept the word "no" without a good, logical reason (and it is annoying at times-just ask my husband, I apologize), but I just had to let go of this task for the time being.

Second, I wanted to make a note that I so humbly applied for the EDA Executive position in town.  I was hoping this position would be a chance to really make a difference in the community by giving me an opportunity to use a WHOLE DAY to act upon my ideas for Windom's rural economic growth. Oh what a dream that would have been--for it to be acceptable for me to think about what I already think about day and night, which is ways to see this community flourish beyond its wildest imagination both economically and socially.  I was a little disappointed I wasn't notified by the Authority of their decision to rule me out or that they didn't give me an opportunity to interview as a sixth or third finalist, to share my assets and abilities, ideas and passions, but I will move forward knowing that everything happens for a reason.  There is a place for me to do my work of Finding Windom, I guess it just isn't in that office.

I am looking forward to meeting the gentleman they chose and pray he grasps the uniqueness and importance of our downtown Square by reaching out to prospective small businesses and exsisting business owners alike. I hope he takes into careful consideration where the EDA spends its money, by encouraging the Authority to invest money in reaching out to potential businesses and not in useless, expensive market research.  The community of Windom's voices should be the investment and the research--it's always free and always correct.  I hope he likes the idea of restoration along with new.  New is not always better, both concepts cost money, but only one makes our city more memorable, more distinguished and more desirable to potential tourists, families, and businesses than the next city--it is what sets us apart from the other million cities on the map. I'm am looking forward to meeting the new EDA Director--he will be an important asset to Finding Windom. 

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