08 December 2010

an evening on the square.

It was the second and final day of the Finding Windom fundraising event, a Young Writer's Workshop.  To get the kids' creative juices flowing we started with some Mad Libs.  If you aren't familiar with Mad Libs, let me explain: it is a short story in which you ask someone for a word such as a noun, adjective or verbs, etc, but the people providing the words have no idea what the story is about, so it turns out to be quite a wacky and funny story.  The kids absolutely loved to hear what the story would end up sounding like after filling in the words.  Damon created a story titled "An Evening on the Square," and this is what the kids came up with (the kids words are in bold):

It was a weird day and a group of hideous kids decided to run down to the Historic Courthouse Square in Windom.  They all couldn't agree on what to do so they split up.  Tori and Cheyanne wanted to go to the Plum Creek Food Coop to buy some hilarious hair designers. The ladies there said, "you must be angry, we don't sell those here!!"  Halen and Noah thought it would be more fun to see a movie, so they  jumped over the fluffy movie theatre.  The movie was good, but they had to sit next to a golf courseEric and Hannah decided to just scream around the square.  They enjoyed the cute buildings and courthouse and also took their picture with Larry Buhler and a Centerstop!!  At the end of the day everyone met back at the courthouse.  All of the bouncy kids looked at each other and said, "What a jig evil Barb day!!"

Crazy, but oh so much fun!

Thanks kids for making this class a success.  Keep writing!

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