06 December 2010

sharpen your pencils.

Today Finding Windom held the first day of a fundraising event, a Young Writer's Workshop.  After doing a few writing activities to get their creative juices flowing, which was not hard for those kids, and giving some instruction of helpful tips to selecting a subject and organizing, we gave them an opportunity to start writing a story.  The amount of imagination these kids have was nothing short of amazing.  I was pleasantly surprised they were so eager to write and learn about it as well.  Those two things, imagination and an ability to write, are very powerful and useful tools!  As the room quieted while they started to put their ideas onto paper, I could hear their pencils gliding across the lined paper as quickly as they shouted out ideas.  Every once in awhile some of them would stop to shake out the knots forming in their little hands from moving the pencil so quickly and then just as fast as they dropped the pencils to do this, they would immediately pick it back up and continue where they left off.  It was refreshing to see such excitement come from these youngs hearts and minds for the very thing I get excited about as well--writing.  They absolutely made my day, and I can't wait to do it again on Wednesday.  All these wonderful opportunities Finding Windom has made for me!

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