02 December 2010

wish you were here.

Dear Courthouse Christmas Lights,

The holiday season is upon us, and I was looking forward to seeing your bright face.  It has been a lovely year, and it seems like so long since I've seen you last.  I was hoping we could see each other this holiday season, but I guess life gets hectic and crazy, so maybe we will just have to wait for another year.  I looked to see if maybe I could catch a glimpse of you tonight, just like old times when you were so reliable, but all I saw was darkness.  It was even difficult to see the beautiful architecture you drape every holiday season against the dark, cloudy night tonight.  It made me sad to see only black in the very spot I used to see you. I wish you could have told me sooner that you wouldn't be making it for the holidays this year, so we could have made other arrangements.  May the spirit of Christmas be bright enough to light our community just as you did for us for so many years.  You will be very missed, Mr. Courthouse Christmas Lights. 

Until we meet again.

Your friend,

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