28 February 2011

we're wired, baby.

The Windom Baseball Association is currently on a quest to raise money to rebuild a much needed concession stand at the good 'ol island park ballfield.  They seem to be making some headway thanks to a little friend called holding something close to your heart and Social Networking.  For those of you who aren't familiar with such "hip" terms such as Social Networking, basically it makes raising awareness and, in this case, raising money much easier because Social Networking has limitless potential to reach a limitless amount of people--pretty cool if you ask me.  You think word spreads fast in a small town, try posting something on facebook or twitter, word gets around faster than you can hit send.  So if the Windom Baseball association can generate a quick $700 from people who may or may not have stepped foot at Island Park, imagine how the whole city of Windom could benefit by use of this beautiful thing called the internet. 

The best part is, Windom is completely wired--yup, fiber to every home, isn't that great?  We felt it important enough to spend big bucks on this rural luxury, so lets use it for all it's worth.

Did I mention there are classes our local businesses and organizations can take at the BARC to help use this tool to its fullest potential...yup, Thursday, March 10th from 6-9pm "Doing Business on the Internet." For only $5 you can learn all the limitless potential for your business online.  That's a pretty good deal considering what you could be making if your business was online and online efficiently.  And there are more classes coming, including a class on using Social Networking, a free resource, for your business.  Watch for details.

Oh, and GO WINDOM BASEBALL!!  I've spit a few sunflower seeds at that park in my days and would like the opportunity to do it again. 

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