04 October 2011

inspired by Enspired.

Today was the grand opening of Windom's newest business, Enspired.  It is located along Highway 60/71 in the Got Ink Tatoo Shop. 

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to have a store like this in Windom.  A store that gives local artists an outlet to share their art, a store that inspires to create and enjoy the simplicities of nature, a store to find a gift or be selfish and buy something for yourself.

But what a wonderful gift the owner, Hilary Mathis, has shared with Windom.  My friend, my classmate, and now my fellow business owner right here in Windom, Minnesota.

But this is what I'm most excited about, someone believed in an idea so much that she made it happen right here in Windom-she took a risk and followed her dreams. I most excited that someone believed in Windom enough to open a small business.  I'm excited that she saw an often unexpected opportunity within these city limits, and she took it.  

And this is what it means to truly find Windom...

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  1. Thank YOU, Mari...for the "Enspiration" to follow my dream! Watching you create, write about and live your dreams is an inspiration to many of us who love Windom as you do. You saw potential, followed your dream, started this movement, and we are all better people because of YOU. Thanks, friend. =)