21 October 2011

You are probably wondering how our first day of opening River City Eatery's doors to the public has been going, well, I'm still standing and getting ready for the supper rush as the lunch rush was just that--a rush!  We had a few kinks with our POS system, but fixed it--I hope and as with any new thing, we will continue to work through more kinks and hopefully get into a good routine so we can make sure everyone is very happy with their stay here at River City Eatery.  Thank you to all who joined us, for your patience, and your taste buds for our very first lunch hour.  We are looking forward to seeing you again...

Here is to preparing more fresh veggies...


  1. Any change you could get into what you are using for your POS system?

    Congrats on opening day!

  2. Congrats Mari!!! We were out of town over the weekend but can't wait to have a meal at the Eatery. You are amazing!!!