23 May 2011

happy community pride day!

So of all the awesome things Finding Windom has been a part of Community Pride Day was my absolute favorite!  The day was amazing.  The weather was perfect for a morning of community clean up and the afternoon exhibitors out did themselves.  The younger kids were beaming with excitement getting to climb on and sit inside firetrucks, dump trucks, street sweepers, snow plows, ambulances, the list goes on.  And our indoor exhibits by local groups and organizations were a delightful surprise of games, infomation and fun souvenirs.  And the older kids were pleasantly surprised to find out community service is not only easy, but neccessary for our community to thrive. 

I can't find the right words to completely explain how wonderful the day was.  The purpose of the day was accomplished.

I also can't tell you how grateful I am for all the support of the community in order to make this day a success.  I hope it becomes an annual event.  Thank you, thank you, to all those people who helped make this day, Community Pride Day 2011, a day to remember in Windom's school's history!

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