31 May 2011

pocket park.

As a part of Community Pride Day on Monday, May 23rd, Darcy Dahna's Landscaping class along with the amazing efforts of Joann Kaiser (who helped collect all the donations to make this happen) created a pocket park in an empty space on our downtown Square.  A few years ago, the building that used to occupy the space burned down and the space has been just that ever since...a blank space needing much attention.

I couldn't be more happy and proud of the outcome!  It is just what needed to happen in that spot--a little attention paid.

I'd have to admit since the pocket park appeared I have heard concerns about what would happen if someone were to ruin it, but we can't let ideas like that stop us from creating great neighborhood spaces.  We must do it anyway.  When we live in fear, we do not live at all.  So live on Windom!  Keep moving forward despite the "what ifs."

Thank you to those who donated and were so thoughtful in making this pocket park happen and making Community Pride Day a success:

Jill at Pamida

Steve/Mike at Schwalbach's Ace Hardware

Mary at Runnings

Jeri Maras

Geri Burmeister at Windom Area Hospital

Angie and Scott Zamzow

Lori Collin

Dave Derickson at Split Rock Landscape

Darcy Dahna's Landscaping class

Tracy Schramel

Amanda Hunter
Gary Vanderwerf

Rachel and Jim Axford and 8 girls who pulled trees with their bear hands!!

Dave Bucklin at CC Soil and Water

City of Windom

Jesse Kolander

Craig Zimmerman

Duane Kaiser

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