23 November 2011

it's finally off my chest...

Today between lunch and dinner at River City Eatery, I got a chance to swing by the Cottonwood County Commissioners' meeting to talk about some things that have been on my mind.  If I'm good at anything, I'm good at giving my 2 cents (pun possibly intended).  I, along with some others, got a chance to talk about utilizing our beautiful courthouse chimes in order to make the downtown Windom experience that much better during the holiday shopping extravaganza.  We asked if the Commissioners would help us to get Mr. Jim Austerman's gift he wrote for our lovely town, "The Christmas Bells of Windom" song, along with other holiday tunes, to be played on the chimes during the most wonderful time of the year.  I couldn't be more happy to know that we have the Commissioners support in this matter, and I couldn't be more excited about how receptive they were to our voices.  I really hope their support will work to make this happen, since this is year number 2 that I, along with others, have tried to make this happen.  Thank you to those who have also voiced their opinions in this matter--you are so appreciated because it is easier with more than one voice!

And I know you are dying to know if I brought up the "No Loitering" signs on the courthouse lawn at the Commissioners' meeting as well...and you'll be happy to know...I did.  They are also looking into changing the signs to something a little more welcoming than "No Loitering."  YAY!!!!  I don't know if I'm ready for such big changes downtown, what will I write about?  **enter sarcasm here**  It feels good to get this stuff of my chest...

Happy times,

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  1. What about the lights on the courthouse - are those going to be up and on this year?