28 November 2011

Occupy Windom.

Talk about a holiday weekend...although Thanksgiving was a mere few days ago, it's hard to remember since 3 more "holidays" follow so closely after--Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. 

During Small Business Saturday, River City Eatery offered to give away a free soda or coffee to anyone who brought in a receipt from a local downtown business in order to encourage shopping local.  So I celebrated one of these holidays following Thanksgiving, I guess.  I have also vowed to do my Christmas shopping right here in Windom...and it can be done because I have almost everyone checked off my list already, only a few people left...

Well anyway, I caught a little bit of the late news on Black Friday and one story grabbed my attention.  A group in Seattle, WA, called "Occupy Seattle" was peacefully demonstrating to the public to remember what the holidays are really all about.  Let's just say shopping isn't high on the group's priority list and they weren't afraid to remind the public about how out of hand these crazy shopping "holidays" can be.

After watching the story, of course the first thing that ran through my mind was that Finding Windom is similar to "Occupy Seattle" because we are a group of people with opinions and ideas about our community and not afraid to voice these opinions and ideas in order to make the quality of life in our community a little better than we found it...and of course I was relieved to know that I'm not the only crazy person insanely passionate about the community in which I live.

And then I thought about how ironic it is that here "Occupy Seattle" was discouraging people from spending money on Black Friday, and that I would love nothing more than to see a crowd of people in downtown Windom frantically shopping the stores around the downtown square to make sure they get the best deals.  I mean, wouldn't that be a fun sight!  Of course I wouldn't wish pepper spray or stampeding or for anyone to get hurt, but a little hustle and bustle in beautiful downtown Windom during the holiday shopping season would be nice...

So, yeah, go ahead and Occupy Windom...Happy Holidays!

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