17 October 2010


Like many people, I enjoy the possibilities a weekend can hold.  I try to spend my weekend catching up on things around the house and wandering around Windom enjoying its beauty and thinking about all its possibilities.  Well this weekend started with a bang.  On Friday night, my husband and I drove to Mankato.  I know, you are probably thinking "what does this have to do with Windom?"  So let me continue... 
On Friday night, Windom's very own David Strom had an art show opening reception at the Twin Rivers Art Gallery in old downtown Mankato.  As we walked into the little stone building which housed a wild appreciation for all aspects of art, I was pleasantly surprised to see a room full of Windom residents supporting a fellow community member, friend and artist in a city 70 miles away from their own and some strangers (to me) as well.  It was just plain cool. After taking in David's artist's point of view, we decided to have dinner at a little cafe in old downtown, which was just a few blocks away from the art gallery.  As we sat in this comfortable cafe, among dimly lit lights and a small band setting up mic stands, plugging in their guitars and doing sound checks for a night of entertainment, I told my husband how I could get used to such a Friday night. We went to an art gallery at 7:30 at night and had dinner at a small cafe.  It was something so simple and yet so enjoyable.  I would love to do it in Windom sometime.  Thanks for the evening out Mankato--you are an inspiration.

Oh the possibilities we have Windom...I will find you...


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