26 October 2010

socrates vs. wind

If you are anywhere near a window in Windom right now (and I hope your aren't outside), you can hear the wind.  The wind has been rather strong today, much like any other Southwestern Minnesota day, but a bit stronger.  The gusts make the windows shake a bit and remind me how powerless I am in the grand scheme of things.  Wind is such an amazing thing because we can't see it, but we can only see the effects of it.  I guess this would be an appropriate time to compare it to passion--the reason I sit here and type these words for you to read.  I can continue to give you the logistics of Finding Windom--the bullet points of things we are currently working on and will be working on, but thats not quite as fun right now as trying to figure out where all this passion comes from...all this wind. 

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