05 October 2010

To cheer yourself up, cheer someone else up.

Tonight there was a reveal at the Women's Night Out--this was after an amazing day of pampering.  It was wonderful to have the team of sylists at The Hair Hut give me such attention. I could think of a million people that deserved this day much more than me, but I did very much appreciate every relaxing moment. I'd have to admit it was an odd feeling to really have nothing to do for a few hours but sit--I'm not used to that (like a lot of people I'm sure). Not only did I have a great day, but the evening started with a great meal followed by and even better motivational speaker, Gaye Hanson.  She had us laughing and crying and thinking...all the things she promised us.  Among all of her wonderful, heartfelt stories, she said something tonight that stuck out to me most, she said how lucky we are to live in this small community.  I couldn't agree more. We should never take for granted the relationships, the opportunities and the power we have as a small community.  Ms. Hanson made a very important point tonight when she talked about the choices we make and how our attitude directly affects our lives and others.  In this small city, our attitude can have a big impact on many things, from fellow community members to kids and more, we all play an important role.  Attitude is definately contagious, I just hope we are spreading a positive one.   

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